No gold glitters like that which is our own.

– Eliza Cook

Your gold is yours

You have full legal title to any gold you hold through SendGold. This is protected by Australian consumer and property law. You can sell, gift or hold your gold as you wish. It is your physical property. SendGold provides the smart way to manage it in an innovative, smart, mobile solution.

Your gold is real

Gold is a simple, natural element. All you need to know is the purity and the weight.

SendGold gold is investment grade gold. That means that it’s at least 99.5% pure, and meets weight, physical appearance and safe storage and handling requirements. All SendGold gold is provided by refiners that are accredited by the London Bullion Markets Association, an international trade association which sets global standards for refining and trading gold.

Standard gold industry accounting practices record gold based on 100% purity, and SendGold strictly adheres to these procedures with your gold.

Your gold is secure

Your SendGold gold is secured in a high-security Brinks vault which is monitored 24/7. It’s completely insured against theft or damage by Lloyds of London, and it’s physically audited by Bureau Veritas.

With SendGold, you don’t have to worry about insuring or securing your investment – it’s all taken care of. Investing in gold with SendGold will give you peace of mind, along with your gold!

Your gold is liquid (even though it’s completely solid gold bars!)

An investment is “liquid” if you can easily buy, sell and cash out. Gold is traded all over the world. In fact, it’s the third most traded investment asset. That means there’s always a buyer when you want to sell, and you can easily get in and out when you need to.

SendGold provides a service that means you can buy, gift gold whenever you like, and sell gold whenever the markets are open. Your gold is accessible to you 24/7 through the secure app. Simple.

Mark Pey

September 16, 2019

Buying gold in an ETF means you have performance risk from multiple parties, a declining quantity of gold, and unknown, uninsured custody risk. Some investors use Exchange-traded Funds (ETFs) to gain exposure to the price of gold. But while gold ETFs do track the price of gold they do not convey one of the main…

Mark Pey

September 4, 2018

Imagine if all those virtual gold bars and coins you accumulate while video gaming suddenly became real gold. This fantasy is set to become reality. Australian fintech SendGold has signed a deal with Golden Matrix Group (GMG) – a US-based social gaming technology company – to embed real gold inside GMG’s platform, with large international…

In the News

August 24, 2018

NOTHING could be more symbolic of the late 2010s internet culture than a crowd-funded, mobile phone-based application that harnesses the vibe of Bitcoin and the ‘excitement’ of the Pokemon Go fad, but that’s exactly what start-up SendGold is doing by developing a payment platform backed by physical gold.

Source: Mining News

February 19, 2018

SendGold, a Gold-as-a-Service app that enables physical gold investment and payments in a digital environment, today announced the March 2018 launch of its app in Singapore.

Source: Finextra

SendGold is the 100% mobile, secure and simple way to invest in gold.

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