May 14, 2019

Australian global digital gold innovation platform SendGold has signed a distribution deal with Australian global payments innovation provider Verrency.

This partnership agreement with Verrency enables SendGold’s customers to spend directly from a SendGold account at merchants through existing card networks – without the need for a significant change in SendGold’s or merchants’ existing payments and technology architecture. Both parties have made significant commercial inroads on a global scale. This week SendGold was named a finalist for FinTech Australia’s 2019 Excellence in Establishing a Global Market Presence, while Verrency won this category in 2018. In addition, SendGold’s CEO Jodi Stanton won the 2019 Fintech Business Awards for Femtech Leader of the Year.
SendGold is a digital management platform of physical gold. “SendGold is stripping out the many layers of cost, making gold useful as money with a growing number of instant liquidity options including sale, peer-to-peer transfer, gifts and payments”, states Stanton. She adds, “the Verrency relationship now adds spending gold as an option and will help us to outpace both traditional gold players and blockchain token issuers with utility well beyond simple speculation.” “SendGold is a great fit for us because gold is understood and valued by people the world over”, said Verrency CEO David Link. “We’re excited to have SendGold on board in our curated fintech marketplace and look forward to offering their insured physical gold option to our banks and their customers around the world”.
The Verrency partnership also enables SendGold to work with banks to offer their customers an innovative new payment and investment option with none of the regulatory risk or security concerns that exist with other new forms of digital currency.
“The ways people hold and transfer value around the world are changing rapidly”, said Stanton, “and based on gold’s clearly-defined legal and regulatory status, deep trading markets greater than the S&P 500, universal acceptance, and 2500-year backtest for holding its value, we’re confident it will maintain its long-term place at the table”.

About SendGold

SendGold is an Australian financial technology company with a hyper-liquid, peer-to-peer gold ownership and payment open-API Gold-as-a-Service platform, based on one of the world’s best-known and most reliable stores of wealth. SendGold customers own outright individual title to audited, insured physical gold and can use it for savings, investment, gifting and global peer-to-peer payments, in any amount, using just their phones. SendGold is live in 12 countries including the U.S., China and India, and is launching several business customers, including the world’s largest cloud-based loyalty program with blue chip customers around the world. SendGold and all of its operations are fully-regulated under Australian law. SendGold is fully-compliant with the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorism Act and company compliance is monitored by the Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre (AUSTRAC) under Designated Service Number 100529055. SendGold is leading with global standards for digital gold and is likely the first digital gold provider globally to formally sign the London Bullion Market Association’s new Global Precious Metals Code of Conduct. SendGold’s goal is to put digital gold into the hands of millions of discerning investors through its product innovation roadmap.

About Verrency

Verrency provides world-leading enterprise-grade payments services for card issuers, merchant issuers, processors, and other digital financial services institutions. Verrency is a scheme-agnostic, white-label, “payments-innovation-as-a-service” open-API platform that helps card issuers acquire new customers and increase their share-of-wallet of existing customers while also significantly increasing security, control, and IoT connectibility. Verrency works behind-the-scenes – enabling everything from 2nd generation payments controls to aggregation to loyalty/ rewards spend to digital currency spend – quickly and easily with no change to existing payments rails, connections, or point-of-sale terminals. Verrency also enables rapid connection to 3rd party fintech services with little to no integration. Thank you for choosing SendGold!

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