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Offer gold bullion as a value added service to your customers in a matter of weeks with SendGold’s Gold-as-a-Service.


Partnering with SendGold is a simple way to engage and delight your customers with a brand-new offer they will love.

Whether you are a neobank, an e-commerce site, a rewards/loyalty program, an e-wallet, a community, a messaging app or a mobile game, SendGold can get you to market quickly. We can help make your service literally shine for your customers by incorporating one of history’s most reliable assets, real gold bullion.

With SendGold’s Gold-as-a-Service you can embed gold transactions inside your existing offers on a turnkey basis at very low cost with no financial licensing required. You’ll boost both your RPU and your loyalty because your customers will not just be using your service, they’ll also be building their financial futures by owning a valuable asset that has stood the test of time.

Find out how SendGold’s Gold-as-a-Service can work for your business.


Gold is special

SendGold’s Gold-as-a-Service works as a brand new online monetisation option because gold has some special qualities that make it unique. SendGold provides fully-owned physical gold bullion, which is regulated simply as a very valuable piece of physical metal, and not as a financial product.

This means that with SendGold your customers can build and hold real wealth directly inside your products and services with none of the regulatory overhead and service impact on your company that would be required for any other kind of financial offer.


We’ve got you covered

With SendGold you can choose the business and transactional model that suits your company’s individual objectives, needs, and workflows. We can manage the offer from end-to-end, all the way from client on-boarding through to final cash out. Or we can simply embed gold transactions alongside or inside your existing account structures and procedures.

  • Digitised, audited, insured physical gold bullion
  • 100% owned by the customer
  • 100% compliant
  • Fully-integrated to the banking system
  • Purchases and redemptions in 140 currencies
  • Transactions as small as $0.01
  • Instant, final settlement
  • Instant P2P transfers
  • Open APIs
  • A valuable, fully-liquid asset
  • Turnkey service from on-boarding through customer service
  • No requirement for partner investment or banking licensing
  • Relevant for Asian business expansion

No matter what your scenario, SendGold can provide a simple way to leverage your customer relationships and increase your revenues with an offer that fits how you already do business.

Standing out from the crowd is hard. SendGold makes it easy

More than ever, people want something unique and intriguing. Rising above all of the noise and distraction online means grabbing people’s attention with something shiny and valuable and new.

SendGold pairs your brand with the best brand in the world, whose power and allure and beauty have attracted and fascinated people for centuries.

SendGold gold is stable, liquid, universal, insured, audited and naturally scarce. SendGold connects your company with this timeless and universal asset in a way that makes your service both more valuable and more memorable.

Find out how SendGold’s Gold-as-a-Service can work for your business.

License our Gold Rush customer acquisition tool

Gold Rush by SendGold is an innovative way to engage your customers and drive brand awareness.

Our Gold Rush game merges investment, payments, and game play to supercharge your marketing strategy.

SendGold fuses augmented reality, investment, peer-to-peer payments, and geo-location into a single fun way your customers can add to their own pot of gold.

Gold Rush is perfect for your digital-loving customers and can be uniquely branded to suit your needs.



September 30, 2019

SendGold has been named as a finalist in the My Business Awards for Fintech Business Of The Year. The My Business Awards is the premier independent awards program celebrating SME business owners and their teams, providing unique opportunities for the winners to showcase their talent and excellence across industries including finance, hospitality, travel and tourism,…

Mark Pey

June 8, 2018

We are excited to announce we have gone live this week with our GaaS partner Global Rewards Solutions, the world’s leading cloud-based rewards platform, to offer instant rewards of gold bullion through their platform. Everyone has heard of ‘Gold' rewards programs before, but this is the real thing. For the first-time loyalty program members will…

In the News

August 29, 2018

Imagine if all those virtual gold bars and coins you accumulate while video gaming suddenly became real gold. This fantasy is set to become reality. Australian fintech SendGold has signed a deal with Golden Matrix Group (GMG) – a US-based social gaming technology company – to embed real gold inside GMG’s platform,…

Source: OnMarket

June 28, 2018

Golden Matrix Group Inc. (OTCPK: GMGI), a developer and marketer of social gaming platforms, today announced it has entered into a definitive distribution agreement with Sydney-based SendGold, a mobile asset financial technology company offering gold bullion transactional services through its digital money platform.

Source: Markets Insider

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