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Registering a SendGold account takes minutes.

With no paperwork, and no hassle, you can simply and quickly own one of the world’s oldest investment asset. Account holders must be 18 years of age or over.

SendGold opens the world of gold to anyone. Start small and you can grow your balance over time – it’s a great way to save for that big purchase, or just for a rainy day.



Buy gold in any amount with low fees

With SendGold, you own the title to physical gold. It’s yours.

It is not an ETF. It is not a currency backed by a bit of gold. It is gold.

You can buy or sell your gold by weight or by dollar value any time. You can submit a Buy order anytime and instantly sell anytime the market is open (generally between Monday morning and Saturday morning). When you Send or Sell the order is processed within 10 seconds and it generally takes less than 3 business days for your proceeds to arrive back in your bank account.

Easily track the performance of your gold over time with simple tools and easy-to-understand graphic displays.

SendGold is the innovative, digital way to own in gold. And we are obsessed with security. All gold is fully-insured against damage or theft, physically audited, tracked and securely held in a purpose-built vault.



Paying and Gifting Gold

Gold is the world’s oldest form of currency, and SendGold have brought it right into the digital age.

It’s simple – all you need is a mobile number or email address and you can send payments in gold, or surprise someone with a golden gift they’ll remember forever!

If they already use SendGold, the gold will go directly into their account within 10 seconds. If not, they’ll receive a notification by SMS and email, and all they need to do is download the app and their gold gift or payment will be waiting for them. If they don’t sign up within the time limit we automatically credit the gold back to your account.

Mark Pey

November 22, 2018

The recent drop in cryptocurrency prices was triggered in part by the strong actions announced by the U.S. SEC clarifying that market functions like custody and asset exchange are subject to strict enforcement of securities laws regardless of which software mechanisms are being used. We think these actions by the SEC are an overdue and…

Mark Pey

September 4, 2018

Imagine if all those virtual gold bars and coins you accumulate while video gaming suddenly became real gold. This fantasy is set to become reality. Australian fintech SendGold has signed a deal with Golden Matrix Group (GMG) – a US-based social gaming technology company – to embed real gold inside GMG’s platform, with large international…

In the News

Jodi Stanton

August 28, 2018

SendGold investor and advisor, Ken Chapman, says digital gold is the solution for investors who want to hold physical gold but don’t want all the problems that come with storing it. “Our goal was to provide a friction-free digital experience of the physical asset gold,’’ says Steve Wilson, SendGold Chief of Security.…

Source: Indian Sun

Jodi Stanton

August 24, 2018

NOTHING could be more symbolic of the late 2010s internet culture than a crowd-funded, mobile phone-based application that harnesses the vibe of Bitcoin and the ‘excitement’ of the Pokemon Go fad, but that’s exactly what start-up SendGold is doing by developing a payment platform backed by physical gold.

Source: Mining News

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