Come have a bit of fun and look for gold. Download the Gold Rush app.

SendGold is launching Gold Rush to help launch SendGold by location around the world.

How to play

  1. 1. Download the Gold Rush app and look for a “game zone”.
  2. 2. Once in a “Gameplay Zone”, get yourself to a ‘hot spot’, one of those orange circles.
  3. 3. Switch your phone to camera mode and start to hunt for gold.
  4. 4. Be quick! Tap on the bar of gold when you find it. The gold value will be placed immediately in your SendGold account.

Next event

  • Sydney
  • Watch this space
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Jodi Stanton

December 11, 2017

We took Gold Rush on on a beta test run at Startcon Sydney last week. This was the “world-first” debut of Gold Rush, our promotional game that works like “Pokémon Go for gold”. We placed live gold nuggets around the conference site at Randwick Race Course. Players found gold with augmented reality through their camera…

Jodi Stanton

November 29, 2017

Pokémon GO with real gold! We hope to see you at StartCon on December 1. SendGold is making investment hyper-liquid, universally accessible, and social. As a beta test, SendGold will be running an exclusive “world first” Gold Rush at StartCon 2017 on 1 December. SendGold is about to launch Gold Rush, a simple Pokémon GO-style game, to get people talking…

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