Come have a bit of fun and look for gold. Download the Gold Rush app.

Shareholders, Save the Date – December 15 & 16

SendGold announces our next Gold Rush!

We are running a Gold Rush to welcome hundreds of new shareholders from all over Australia.

Next event

  • Top cities/towns around Australia
  • Up to $30,000 in gold to be found and claimed
  • December 15 & 16 2018
  • 9 AM to 12 PM your local time
  • Visit our Facebook Page

How to play

  1. If  you do not, download the SendGold app and register an account. It takes less than 2 minutes!
  2. Download the Gold Rush app, and sign in with your SendGold account email or mobile phone number.
  3. Use the map and look for a Gameplay Zone.
  4. Once in a Gameplay Zone, get yourself to a Hotspot.
  5. Once in a Hotspot, switch your phone to camera mode and start hunting for gold.
  6. Be quick! Tap on the bar of gold when you find it. The gold value will go straight to your SendGold account. It’s that simple!


Why do we have two apps?

Our SendGold app is a fully-regulated, fully-liquid, peer-to-peer gold ownership and payment gateway.
Our Gold Rush app is a fun mobile game to help us to promote SendGold around the world.

We need to keep them separate so you’ll need both apps to play! Any gold you find in Gold Rush will be waiting for you in your SendGold account.

Jodi Stanton

December 12, 2018

Exclusive Shareholder Gold Rush Save the Date - December 15/16 near you! Have a bit of fun and find some gold. As a shareholder, you have an exclusive invite to play. Up to $30,000 to find across Australia. Players must be listed as both a shareholder and a SendGold account holder to participate in this…

Jodi Stanton

December 11, 2017

We took Gold Rush on on a beta test run at Startcon Sydney last week. This was the “world-first” debut of Gold Rush, our promotional game that works like “Pokémon Go for gold”. We placed live gold nuggets around the conference site at Randwick Race Course. Players found gold with augmented reality through their camera…

In the News

Jodi Stanton

August 28, 2018

SendGold investor and advisor, Ken Chapman, says digital gold is the solution for investors who want to hold physical gold but don’t want all the problems that come with storing it. “Our goal was to provide a friction-free digital experience of the physical asset gold,’’ says Steve Wilson, SendGold Chief of Security.…

Source: Indian Sun

Jodi Stanton

August 24, 2018

NOTHING could be more symbolic of the late 2010s internet culture than a crowd-funded, mobile phone-based application that harnesses the vibe of Bitcoin and the ‘excitement’ of the Pokemon Go fad, but that’s exactly what start-up SendGold is doing by developing a payment platform backed by physical gold.

Source: Mining News

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