Buy Gold: Bold gift ideas for the Chinese New Year


January 31, 2019

The Chinese New Year is a time for exuberance and celebration. Heralding the start of a new lunar year for Chinese around the world, the holiday is never complete without the exchange of gifts – a tradition that is ripe with customs and local practices. While many buy gold and gift it as a way of ensuring a prosperous start to the year, there are other gifts that are considered to be just as significant.

Understanding the importance of this tradition, this week, SendGold takes a look at some of the best gifts that can be given for Chinese New Year. These are great even for meaningful office celebrations or as gifts to your co-workers!

1.  Buy Gold

With 2019 deemed the Year of the Pig – which is known to signify wealth and prosperity – what better gift to give than precious gold?

While this may sound expensive, certain services allow you to buy gold corresponding to the amount of money you can spend. With our very own gold transfer service, you don’t even need to leave your home or wrap up physical bullion to give a gift that is often unbeatable in value.

Symbolising wealth and riches, as would be expected, the colour gold, itself, is considered to be very lucky among Chinese communities around the world. Give a gift you’re guaranteed to be remembered for with a little bullion on this occasion!

2. Hongbaos (red envelopes)

One of the most popular symbols of the Chinese New Year is the auspicious and ubiquitous red envelope. Often used as a way of gifting money, even the amount given must be decided in accordance with the customs of Chinese people.

Accordingly, sums of cash that are, ultimately, even numbers are considered auspicious gifts to give. That being said, be careful of gifting an amount that involves the pronunciation of the number four. According to Chinese customs, four is considered to be an unlucky number given its association with death.

Conversely, eight is considered to be one of the luckiest numbers, which makes gifting money containing this numeral an extremely thoughtful and prosperous act.

3. Tea

Tea is a huge part of the Chinese culture and forms a core aspect of everyday life as well. Beyond its use in traditional medicine, local tea ceremonies are held frequently and are full of meaning (and flavour!) for celebrants of the Chinese New Year.

If you’ve decided on gifting your employees with tea on this occasion, make sure you splurge on some premium tea leaves. Given how frequently most Chinese drink this popular beverage, they will certainly be able to distinguish between standard and high-end products!

If you’re looking to add more value to your gift, consider gifting a lovely tea set as well. There’s no better way to start the New Year than with aromatic tea in new teaware!

4. Fruit baskets

Fruit is often considered a great gift to give, given that it makes up a large part of the Chinese diet.

Individual fruits such as the mandarin and pear, carry their own symbolism in the local culture. While you may have to spare some thought about the fruits you gift, therefore, it’s hard to go wrong with a basket of fresh produce, given that it’s likely to be consumed before the New Year ends!

Back in China, people are often seeing carrying boxes of bananas or oranges as offerings for friends, family, and neighbours. Fruit baskets are perhaps a more alluring way of presenting fruits to your employees or co-workers this Chinese New Year.

Key takeaways

As the 5th of February approaches, you may find yourself in a flurry to get your gift shopping done.

While you may worry that you’re short on time or can’t afford extravagant gifts, put these concerns out of your mind. Whether you buy gold, gift a basket of fruits, or even give money in traditional hongbaos, giving gifts in the right spirit will always outweigh the value of whatever you’ve decided to wrap. Have a happy Chinese New Year!

At SendGold, we make celebrating occasions like the Chinese New Year, a wave of prosperity. Buy gold or contact us to find out more about our services!

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