The story behind SendGold

There’s always been a different set of rules for the privileged.

I saw it first-hand working on Wall Street for one of the big guys. The GFC didn’t surprise me one bit, I could see that money was broken. But while the rest of the world suffered, they were bailed out. That sucks.

I got out of there, took an 80% pay cut, and moved to Australia in search of a better way. I thought that was crypto. I invested in it, wanting it to succeed. Unfortunately it increased the risks, not lowered them. But it got me thinking ‘what if technology could transform the most trusted asset in history?’

We turned to gold, and turned it back into money!

Owning gold gives you full control of your money. If the economy, the markets, or even we fall over, it’s still yours. But it shouldn’t just be for the privileged.

Providing digital access to real gold makes it accessible, portable and global. Gold and technology are two things that people all over the world value and understand. By putting them together, we’ve added real weight to people’s money and shifted the balance back in their favour.

Jodi Stanton

CEO & Founder


March 10, 2020

A big congratulations to Jodi Stanton, our CEO, on being named a finalist in the Entrepreneur/Founder category of the Women Leading Tech Awards!  An accolade awarded in collaboration with Google, the award recognises the monumental strides women are making across leadership, engineering, product, data science, design, marketing, mentorship, sales, and women’s advocacy. The goal, here,…

Jodi Stanton

December 2, 2019

When I invest in companies, I always like to know the real team behind the CV. What is their collective life experience? What are their motivations? Will they have what it takes to survive the ups and downs of growing a business? We've recently been asked by some of our new investors what makes us…

In the News

August 7, 2018

SendGold CEO Jodi Stanton has been through the blockchain roller coaster over the last five years, and has the scars to prove it. Today, her young company, SendGold, is live in ten countries in various forms across Asia-Pacific, delivering digital gold money to anyone with a mobile phone, and does so without…

Source: Australian Business Executive

June 13, 2018

I like people. A lot. I like their stories. I have a couple of my own. I describe myself as a global citizen, taking a chameleon approach to my working life, proactively building a stash of rich life experiences. My career started in risk which led to Wall Street and later to…

Source: Chief Executive Story

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