Exclusive Offer for company/trust/SMSF account holders – $1500 gold reward Top Up


July 20, 2020

Buy gold and receive a 1.5% top-up bonus

Minimum Gold Purchase A$10,000. Ends 29 July 2020.

Buy instantly with POLi or PayPal. You can also buy with BPAY.

Buy Gold

Offer Details

  • Offer ends at midnight 29 July 2020 (AEST = Sydney Australia time).
  • For each gold purchase of at least A$10,000 (excl. fees) you will receive a 1.5% gold reward Top Up.
  • The maximum gold reward Top Up is A$1500.00 (the Cap).
  • The gold reward Top Up is payable in gold and added to your SendGold account. It is based on the gold price at the time we receive your funds.
  • We will reward you with 1.5% of eligible gold purchases made before midnight 29 July 2020 AEST.
  • We allow a 1 day grace period in which we must receive your funds for BPAY users. Remember that PayPal and POLi purchases are instant. Funds not received by midnight 30 July 2020 AEST will not be eligible for the Top Up gold reward.


This is massive!! Buy gold now in your new company/trust/SMSF account and get your 1.5% top-up on your gold purchases before it’s too late.


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