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    SendGold is the easiest way to own an investment asset. Anyone can be a gold investor by downloading the SendGold app. There is no minimum purchase with low fees to buy and sell gold. SendGold is a 100% mobile solution that puts your gold investment in your pocket. Find out more about buying gold

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    It’s the secure, digital solution for gold investment. And what’s more – it’s fun. Pick your favourite ‘gift wrapping’ to gift your gold. And you can cash out at any time. Learn more about how it works

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    With SendGold you can have peace of mind, knowing your investment is safe. Gold bullion is one of the most stable asset classes, and SendGold has the highest levels of security in place. Your gold bullion is fully insured, tracked and audited, and is secure in an independently managed high-security gold vault in Sydney, Australia, so you can be sure when you invest with SendGold, your gold is safe and secure.

    Learn more about SendGold security

Mark Pey

February 14, 2020

We at SendGold believe that one of our jobs is to help our customers stay informed about the precious metals markets so they can make better investment decisions. We do that by trying to separate gold market fact from fiction. Part of this includes separating gold “conspiracy theories” from “conspiracy facts”. Gold in The Ocean…

Mark Pey

January 17, 2020

With a new year and a new decade upon us we think it’s time to discuss our outlook for gold. Gold is simultaneously a commodity, a currency, an investment, and a hedge against political uncertainty, so a look at each of these influences may provide some insight into how its price might react in the…

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