Your gold is secured in a purpose-built Brinks vault in Sydney. See more here

SendGold is registered in Australia and is based in Sydney.

At this stage, you can’t see your gold in person due to security constraints.

You can cash out your gold at any time but at this stage you can’t physically take ownership of your gold.

No. The physical gold does not move from the vault. We just update who owns it.

SendGold is obsessed by security, and the security of your gold is best-practice. It is secured in a purpose-built Brinks vault in Sydney, insured against theft or damage by Lloyds of London, and physically audited by Bureau Veritas. See more here

No. If someone transfers gold to your account, you do not have to connect a bank account unless you want to sell your gold or buy more.

Setting up a SendGold account is free. There is no cost to receiving gold, or sending (paying or gifting) in gold. There are fees associated with buying or selling gold which are detailed on the app at the time of the transaction. Our current transaction fees are 1.6% of your purchase, or 1.6% of your gold sale, both capped at $10 per transaction so this reduced quickly with larger transactions. Also, depending on how you pay for your gold, there may be a third party bank fee.

SendGold streams live pricing to calculate the value of your gold at any time, based on the weight of gold that you own. These values are displayed within the app.

We can’t give advice on what investments you should make. However, gold has historically held its value and has been seen as a stable and secure option.

You will be able to do that in the coming weeks. We will be rolling out first in Asia.

You will be able to do that in the coming weeks. We will be rolling out first in Asia.

Not at this time as we are fully compliant.

No, SendGold is an independent organisation not affiliated with any bank.

Not yet. Watch this space we have some exciting things in the pipeline.

You own the complete physical title to your gold. In the unlikely event that something were to happen to SendGold, your gold will remain your property.

Yes, you can access the web version of SendGold from any internet enabled computer.

It can take up to 3 business days for our bank to pass the funds to your bank. If it has been longer than that please contact us.

Once your gold transfer has been received, you will be notified by email and through the notifications area on the app.

If the recipient of your gold is not a registered user of SendGold, and does not download the app or register an account within 15 days, the transaction will be cancelled and the amount of gold you sent will be transferred.

To create a SendGold account you must be a resident of Australia, New Zealand or Singapore and over the age of 18 years. We are launching SendGold in several additional countries in the coming months.

For large transactions we may ask you to enter an SMS code as an additional security measure. The SendGold app will prompt you to enter the code you receive via text message.

In Australia you can use BPAY, PayPal or POLi to pay for your gold. In Singapore you can use PayPal. We will be rolling out many additional payment types across many countries in the coming months.

It can take up to 3 business days for our bank to get funds to your bank, if it has been longer than that please contact our Customer Team.

As with bank and other money transfer systems it’s your responsibility to make sure you’re sending to the right person, if you enter an incorrect recipient you should contact our Customer Team and we can take certain steps to try and recover your transaction but we can only do these on a “best efforts” basis.

All your SendGold purchases are based on the amount you decide to transfer from your bank at the time of purchase so you can’t buy more than that by mistake. For selling, the system will only allow you to sell the gold you already have in your account.

Yes, just go to the Send section and enter $25 and your friend will receive $25 worth of gold.